LJReedHello! My name is Lindsay Reed. I am a stay at home mother of two, and have always loved photography. It was my major in college, but I switched over into Communications, thinking I could always have photography as my hobby. When I had my daughter, I was more than obsessed with taking her picture and scrap booking. I always longed to take those beautiful, creative photo’s that you see on the internet. My husband bought me a brand new, beautiful Nikon for Christmas that year. I started remembering things from college, and I had two great models, Landon and Cameryn, to help me get started! I was so lucky to have great friends let me take their children’s photo’s this year at Christmas and here we are!!

I am so looking forward to what the future has to hold for me, thank you everyone for your support!

For more information about pricing or scheduling an appointment, please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!

You can also find me on the web at and Facebook at L.J.Reed Photography!