About Me


My name is Gina Marie, and I am a creator and designer of professional stationery of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. I am a perfectionist – a complete Type A personality in every sense. I can’t sit or relax, and when I do my mind only races to what I am going to try to conquer next. Thankfully, I am married to my best friend and biggest fan, who supports everything I do 100%……and when he can’t..….will just shake his head at me and smile. 🙂 I live fast and furious, but I live with ambition. And I love glitz and glam and anything that makes a real statement!

For as long as I can remember, I have had an intense passion for event planning and everything that goes along with it. I would plan every party, every special occasion, every reunion, every family dinner that came my way. But the real excitement all started when I was planning my own wedding – the event of all events! (in my world anyway :-)) My desire for absolute perfection coupled with my unique and bold sense of style left me no choice but to be my own wedding planner. I single-handedly created all of my wedding stationery – from our invitations, ceremony programs, menu cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, drink menus, breakfast invites..….right down to the small favor tags and labels on the cookie boxes. I found that not only did I LOVE doing this, I was able to save a ton of money making everything on my own too! And the best part about it? People actually loved what I came up with!

When the wedding was over and done with, there was an itch there that just wouldn’t go away. I knew that this was something I really had a niche for, and something I wanted to do all the time. I wanted to help others with their own special events, and save them a ton of money at the same time!

So that brings me here. In front of all of you. I hope you enjoy my page and I am very excited to get started on your next big thing!